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Calgon 2in1 Hard Water Map UK - Protects against Limescale & Dirt Residue

Am I affected by Hard water?

The map opposite shows the different levels of hard water found around the UK. As shown, a large percentage of the UK is affected by hard/very hard water.

If you live in a hard water area, limescale is likely to build up inside your washing machine. This may eventually lead to a break down. Hard water is also a major cause of soap scum build up, which can leave your machine smelly and dirty and may compromise your washing results.

To protect your washing machine from limescale and soap scum, it's important to use an effective water softener such as Calgon. Calgon's new 2in1 range gives unbeatable protection against limescale and
also prevents dirt build-up. This keeps your washing machine cleaner for longer. And a cleaner washing machine means cleaner clothes!

Hard Water Map UK more info

65% of UK households live in hard or medium water regions. Hard water refers to water that contains a high level of calcium, magnesium and other dissolved minerals. This reduces the cleansing power of soap and leaves mineral deposits, also called limescale.