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Calgon 2in1 New Products - Protects against Limescale & Dirt Residue

Calgon 2in1 Tabs more info

Calgon 2in1 Tablets

Calgon Tablets are individually wrapped to provide a convenient, no mess, measured dose. Each tablet contains an express ball which actively protects against limescale and dirt residue from the very first first seconds of the wash. Calgon Tablets are available in three sizes - 15, 30 and 45 tabs.

Calgon 2in1 Powder more info

Calgon 2in1 Powder

Hard water is the culprit responsible for limescale related washing machine breakdowns, and rough feeling laundry. Original format Calgon 2in1 powder provides effective prevention against limescale and dirt build up, helping your machine work at its best.

Calgon 2in1 Gel more info

Calgon 2in1 Gel

Calgon is also available in a fast dissolving Gel. Calgon Gel begins acting immediately to neutralise limescale and prevent dirt residue, leaving your washing machine healthy, and your clothes protected.