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Calgon 2in1 Protects & Cleans - Protects against Limescale & Dirt Residue

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Have you ever spotted dirt on the rim of your washing machine, or smelt the unpleasant odour from the drum? This is caused by the build up of soap scum and dirt residues inside your machine. New Calgon 2in1 helps prevent dirt build up, so your washing machine stays cleaner for longer. And a cleaner machine means cleaner clothes!

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Although you can't see it, limescale builds up on the internal parts of your washing machine. This can cause break down. New Calgon 2in1 gives unbeatable protection against limescale, helping to prolong the life of your machine.

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I live in a hard water area and I use new Calgon 2in1. It puts my mind at ease knowing that my washing machine is protected from limescale AND dirt residue build up. As a result, my machine keeps working properly and stays clean for longer. And because my washing machine is cleaner, my clothes are cleaner too!