Washing mashines live longer with Calgon!

Washing Machines Live 

Longer with Calgon 

Calgon Powder



Hard water is the culprit responsible for limescale related washing machine breakdown, and rough feeling laundry. But don't despair, you don't have to be a hard water victim, fight back with Calgon. Original formula Calgon Powder fights hard water damage before it starts.

Calgon Tablets



New Calgon Express Ball Tablets - Unlike other water softening tablets, only Calgon Express ball contains the express ball with high concentration of anti-limescale actives which dissolve from the very first seconds of the wash, the blue and white layers then dissolve throughout the washing process, providing total protection for your washing machine from limescale build up.

Calgon Gel



Calgon is also available in a fast dissolving Gel. You know that limescale harms your washing machine, now you can fight back. Calgon neutralises limescale and flushes it away, leaving your washing machine healthy, and your clothes protected. Don't risk a machine breakdown. Look after your washing machine with Calgon.