Calgon 2 in1 Tablets

Amazing limescale protection thanks to its neutralizing action that helps protect all vital parts of your machine.

Product Features

  • Protects all vital parts of your machine
  • Helps eliminate odour-causing dirt
  • Prevents the source of malodours

Also available in: Calgon Tablets are available in three sizes - 15, 30, 45 and 75 tabs.

Product Description

Calgon Tablets are individually wrapped to provide a convenient, no mess, measured dose. Each tablet contains an express ball which actively protects against limescale and dirt residue from the very first first seconds of the wash.

Contains 15%-30% polycarboxylates

1. Use in EVERY WASH
2. Add Calgon on top of your
detergent in the main wash
3. Dose the quantity of laundry
detergent recommended for soft
water. For best results use with
phosophate free detergents.
4. Suitable with all types
of fabrics.


Product Code: 5011417544143