Calgon 4in1 Powder

Key Benefits

4 Benefits in 1: Protects from Limescale, Dirt, Odour, Rust

Available at selected retailers

What is Calgon 4 in 1 powder?

Calgon 4 in 1 water softener powder is fast acting to boost efficiency for your washing machine by removing limescale and helping your washing machine to live longer. It’s suitable to use alongside your washing liquid, washing capsules and washing powder.

Use in every wash in the detergent drawer of your washing machine.

Calgon powder begins acting immediately to break down limescale and prevent dirt residue, leaving your washing machine healthy with every wash.  Calgon protects not only the heating element of your washing machine but also the drum, pipes, hoses and pump to ensure all parts of your washing machine that come into contact with water are protected.

Help your Washing Machine Live Longer with Calgon!

  1. 1 DOSE = 50g.

    75g = Very hard water.

    25g = Medium hard water.

  2. Add Calgon into the detergent drawer, then dose the detergent recommended for soft water.

  3. USE IN EVERY WASH. Calgon is safe to use on all fabrics.