How can I determine if I have hard water?

How can I determine if I have hard water?

 Any of the symptoms below can signify the presence of hard water:

  • Furred up kettle
  • You have unattractive white/brown stains on sinks, baths, toilet bowls and around the foundation of taps
  • Your showerheads are clogged
  • Soaps and detergents resist foaming
  • You have spots on your dishes or shower doors

Check your local water hardness by looking at the hard water area map.

If you are on a municipal water system, contact the supplier for information concerning the level of hardness of the water they deliver. If you have a private water supply, you can have the water tested for hardness.


Limescale damage around the house is a bigger problem than you might have thought. For example 1 in 10 irons sold are returned within 1 year. 65% of these are due to limescale damage.