How Can Limescale Affect My Washing Machine And Laundry?

How Can Limescale Affect My Washing Machine And Laundry?

How can limescale affect my washing machine? The results of hard water damage are obvious on your showerheads, tea kettles and taps, but unfortunately, you can't see the limescale damage in your washing machine.

Inside your washing machine, hard water leads to limescale build-up on the heating element. Over time, as the limescale build up increases, this can cause the heating element to fail. Limescale build-up is also a problem for drums, pipes and hoses. Leaky, corroded pipes and hoses can also result in the breakdown of your machine and can lead to flooding.

Calgon works to protect ALL vital parts of your washing machine from limescale damage. It does not only prevent limescale build up on your heating element but it also works to protect your drum, pipes, hoses, pump and in general all the elements of your washing machine that come into contact with water.

That's Calgon Protection!

How can limescale affect my laundry?

Limescale can also have a detrimental impact on your laundry. Deposits can build up in the fibres of your clothes, making them feel rougher, and possibly becoming irritating for sensitive skin. You can attempt to resist this by using more detergent with each wash, but this means more expense and can add to water pollution due to the chemicals that some detergents contain. So, how can we eliminate limescale?

There are limescale solutions to save your washing machine and your laundry. Calgon is a hard water softener for washing machines, generating lime removal from water, and preventing limescale deposits and accumulation in all areas of your washing machine.


Softened water can reduce the amount of detergent needed.